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  • Trading solutions can be unruly. 
  • Intelligent Reports & Dashboards are the solution. 
  • We are a Trading Intelligence enabler.

Trading Intelligence!

With nearly 40 years of trading and strategy development experience, we focus on doing one thing well; blending strategy authorship with strategy performance evaluation. Our back-testing harness allows us to sort and rank dozens upon dozens of strategies, both open source and black-box, across a large universe of multi-asset class symbols, applying N-number of time-frames and look-back periods. Our approach allows us to find, customize, and speed-to-market - proprietary alpha-gen strategies seamlessly. Then we build intelligent dashboards and reports to publish the information and pass on the benefits to you, the active trader. We are, "Trading Intelligence!"

Market Reports

SDB Select Proprietary Market Reports based on "Modes of Behavior"

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